[NPR5.33] NP Retail

July 5, 2017

New Feature

  • Transcendence: Action Code for Cr Sale Return
  • Page Manager – possible to customize required fields
  • Auto deployment of Stargate Packages (Managed DLL’s)
  • Export of OIOUBL to FTP or local storage
  • POS on mobile devices (IOS)
  • Possible to handle reports on Mobile Devices (IPad)
  • Feature in retail12 db wanted in next release
  • Staff prices maintenance
  • Event management Attribute analysis
  • Possible to embed video in navision pages

Minor Change

  • Recommendations. Recommend items based on sales history based on MS Cognitive Services
  • More corrections to Retail Documents
  • Several new features for upcoming new audit roll
  • Extending Client Attributes from 20 to 40 characters
  • Event Management – changed behavior of double resource booking – is now a setup field
  • Added Global Dimension 1+2 to retail item list
  • Possible to show Audit roll from the Customer card / list
  • Possible to see QR codes on mobile POS
  • Possible to show net weight on sales lines
  • Reverse charge VAT fix
  • Member management: possible to use different prices on website
  • Removed some of the action parts from the role center
  • Transcendence Web cam support
  • Added relevant credit voucher reports to credit voucher list
  • Added relevant gift voucher reports to gift voucher list
  • Added shortcust on Retail setup, to related tables, for better webclient support

Performance Optimization

  • Removed unused fields on item table
  • Removed unused fields in application, and reverting objects back to standard
  • Retail Role Center changed to reflect new requirements
  • Made some fields non editable in Item Worksheet, that coudnt be altered anyway

Error Correction

  • Emailing PDF documents resulted in wrong error message if printer didn’t exist
  • Fixed: The new discount calculation resulted in unexpected line splits
  • Period Discount on different locations fixed
  • Field that was discontinued on item card was reused, and caused a problem in Item Worksheet
  • Problem with label printer in the new print module fixed
  • Push cancel in “Get saved sale” resulted in an error
  • Printing of giftcards could mistakenly happen, if a receipt number collided with the giftcard number
  • Sales Statistics changed to be capable of handling decimal quantity
  • 2 smaller bugs in Retail print version 2 corrected
  • In pakkelabels module, the “Ship-to code” could have an overflow
  • Stabilizing Stargate management for Transcendence
  • Print from Mobile devices fixed


  • Import of Transferorders is now also validating on the item number