[NPE #22] NP Ecommerce

November 16, 2021

basic-porto 9.2.0 / pro-porto 12.2.0 / pro-virgo 12.2.0

  • Required Company field now considers an empty space as invalid.
  • It is now possible to remove a Magento coupon that only gave free shipping.
  • Sorting product lists by “Latest” is now possible.
  • It is now possible to “Show Password” when user is inputting a password on checkout, login popup, etc.
  • Only whitelisted IPs can now correctly access the website when maintenance mode is enabled.
  • Videos without label no longer causes Item synchronization from BC to fail.
  • New configuration to prevent redirecting a user away to the wishlist page on successfully adding a product to the wishlist.
  • Wishlist icon can now be disabled for guest users.

basic-porto 9.2.0 / pro-porto 12.2.0

  • Layered Navigation no longer flickers (opens for a few seconds and then closes) on load.

pro-porto 12.2.0 / pro-virgo 12.2.0

  • Preferred stores are now correctly assigned to a logged-in account if these were set before logging in.
  • Manual subscription renewal for memberships now correctly updates auto-renewal date.
  • Store Locator area search now uses prefilled dropdowns when searching by region.
  • Frontend optimization: it is now possible to create and deploy advanced JS Bundle from the admin.