[NPE #24] NP Ecommerce

May 24, 2022

basic-porto 10.0.0 / pro-porto 14.0.0 / pro-virgo 14.0.0

  • Updated Magento framework to Open Source 2.4.3-p2.
  • Phone number format validation on checkout has been added.
    Previously letters could be used which resulted in Sales Order import failure in BC.
  • Azure OAuth authentication can now be used for NaviConnect calls to Cloud-Hosted BC.
  • Meta tag for “theme-color” is now added.
  • A 100% discount on a retail voucher now results in the correct sales order export line.
    Previously the unit price would be missing.
  • Fixed issue where gift-wrapping from MagePlaza OSC failed to export when the value was zero.
  • Store collection shipping method can now be restricted per country.
  • FAQ module for Page Builder was added.
  • Images with brackets and parentheses are now correctly deleted via NaviConnect.
  • It is now possible to set Meta Title and Description on the Brands page.
  • It is now possible to use SVG and WebP in the page builder and CMS contents.
  • Now using a Magento coupon before a BC Discount coupon produces the same results as when the flow is reversed.

pro-porto 14.0.0 / pro-virgo 14.0.0

  • Products hidden by shared catalog before login are now correctly redirected to after login.
  • Newsletter unsubscription email is no longer sent on login.
  • It is now possible to set Meta Title and Description on the store locator page and on the individual store pages.
  • Multiple issues regarding Membership and Subscription were found and fixed when updating to 2.4.3-p2.
  • Fixed issue where order state was not correctly changed from new to processing when invoicing orders with tickets and memberships.