[NPE #25] NP Ecommerce

September 7, 2022

basic-porto 10.1.0 / pro-porto 15.0.0 / pro-virgo 15.0.0

  • Proper VAT Display for Inter-EU sales. Previously, all users would by default see taxes for the default store country.
  • It is now possible to turn on viewport scalability from the admin.
  • Page Builder column configurations can now be controlled per viewport.
  • Images used in Page Builder can now be lazyloaded.
  • Thumbnails in the mini cart should now be properly sized by default.
  • Smart Product List rules and Cart Rules with Active Special Price condition/action will no longer match items where the unit price is equal to the special price.
  • It is now possible to toggle multiple Custom CSS directly on the CSS Editor Listing. It is also possible to save and continue on the CSS Editor edit page.
  • Multiple recipient emails can now be used as the GDPR admin contact.
  • Changes in CSS Editor now correctly invalidates the relevant caches.
  • Fixed issue where some non-UTF8 characters caused the generation of the Order XML to fail.

pro-porto 15.0.0 / pro-virgo 15.0.0

  • When logged-in, the store reservation popup is pre-filled with the current user’s info by default.
  • When dynamic asynchronous BC pricing is used, labels for special price / tier prices can now be used.
  • Membership/loyalty opt-in is now available on the create account popup.
  • Self-checkin is now readily available for entertainment webshops.
  • It is now possible to redeliver tickets manually from the Sales Order view in admin.
  • When ticket generation fails for a placed order, an email notification will now be sent to defined email recipients.
    If enabled, the end-user can also receive a more user-friendly email notification.
  • Ticket links can now be embedded in the order confirmation email itself.
  • Ticket links can now be named using a predefined mask in admin.
  • It is now possible to opt-in for membership/loyalty even when purchasing virtual items.
  • Members can now login with their member card number instead of email address.
  • Smart Product List description can now be displayed on the Smart Product List widgets as well.
  • Mirasvit SEO module updated to latest version.
  • Fixed the display of the layered navigation icon so that it is always on top on smaller viewports.
  • The stock status display no longer crashes when the Click & Collect stock retrieval fails.
  • Subscription listing in admin can now be filtered.
  • Remote Widgets have now been released.
    This feature allows tickets to be reserved on any other website and complete the checkout on the webshop.

basic-porto 10.1.0 / pro-porto 15.0.0

  • Hiding filter attributes on the layered navigation now correctly hides the attributes on frontend.

basic-porto 10.1.0

  • SMTP can now be configured via the admin.