[NPR5.34] NP Retail

September 7, 2017

New Module

  • Hospitality
  • Discount Coupons

New Feature

  • Viking: Offline – Authorization Code
  • Viking: Offline – Approvement
  • Viking – Signatures
  • MPOS possible to use in Transcendense
  • Transcendense: Possible to show stock from multiple locations on POS
  • Transcendense: Showing non default values in bold on page POS Parameter Values
  • Transcendense: Possible to set global dimensions on the POS sales header from an action
  • Hospitality: Status and flow Table and meal
  • Transcendense: Possile to reserve items from POS
  • Several new features available in the new retail print module
  • Hospitality: Kitchen Print

Minor Change

  • Inventory management > Using Item Worksheet
  • Event Management. Email reply from customer
  • Event Module: Multiple calendar/mail templates
  • Possible to search Item Attributes
  • Description 2 added to item card and list
  • Changed default sales person role center
  • After each print from retail journal line, a confirm box will ask if you want to delete the lines
  • Name 2 added to “ship-to Address” and “Contact Card”
  • Transcendense: New action to open Item card
  • Transcendense: Printing of labels will be “grayed out” if there are no lines to print
  • Possible to print sales tickets from Audit Roll
  • New web site feature available – possible to pay at POS
  • Transcendense: Support for item filters on item lookup

Performance Optimization

  • Removed unused code on Sales Line POS

Error Correction

  • Event Management: Always copy dimensions
  • Pacsoft: Adding an entry could cause an overflow
  • Possible to use Pakkelabels “silent”
  • Transcendense: Possible to use Contactless credit card
  • Transcendense: Print of “Dankort” credit card transactions
  • Spelling error fixed: Identify
  • Tickets: Reservation Problem fixed