[NPE #26] NP Ecommerce

November 18, 2022

basic-porto 10.2.0 / pro-porto 15.1.0 / pro-virgo 15.1.0

  • Pagebuilder buttons have been styled to reflect the shop’s color theme.
  • When adding a video via Page Builder and setting the lazy load to the video, the video will be loaded just before user scrolls to the element on frontend.
  • We now support JS related string translations via the MageFan module.
  • The styling of the mini-cart has been fixed when adding a combination of different products types to cart.
  • A lazy load placeholder has been added to replace blank spaces when an image is being loaded on frontend.
  • A custom grid layout can now be added on homepage via Pagebuilder.
  • We have added a password guidance. This will add a description of the content expected for the password to be entered.
  • A password counter has been added to indicate how weak or strong an added password is.
  • CAPTCHA can now be configured to be more readable.
  • We added more options for Product tab styling from admin.
  • Base currency issues with the Mageplaza CurrencyFormatter module have been resolved.

pro-porto 15.1.0 / pro-virgo 15.1.0

  • We made some fixes with our search module. Broken images have been fixed and performance have also been improved.
  • Wishlist and Compare functions have been added to the Raptor widget.
  • We added a configuration to control the number of products that are displayed on the first page load for the Ajax Scroll module.
  • The collection incompatibility between SEO Filter from Mirasvit, MagePlaza Layered Navigation and our brand module has been resolved.
  • Subscription email is sent only when Subscription Order Email under Subscription Emails is set to “Send custom subscription confirmation email” and “Send normal order confirmation email”.
  • The Self check-in can now be configured from the Admin section.
  • We have added context to Smart widgets.

basic-porto 10.2.0 / pro-porto 15.1.0

  • Tax calculation issues have been resolved on the MagePlaza Layered Navigation module.