[NPE #23] NP Ecommerce

March 10, 2022

basic-porto 9.3.0 / pro-porto 13.0.0 / pro-virgo 13.0.0

  • MagePlaza Currency Formatter module has been added.
  • The indexing process has been improved.
    Previously there were unnecessary indexing generated by updates to Configurable products and by Smart Product List rules.
  • Cloudflare module has been added.
  • SVG and WebP can now be uploaded and used from the Media Gallery.
  • Choosing a default billing address in My Account now correctly reflects on the checkout page.

pro-porto 13.0.0 / pro-virgo 13.0.0

  • It is now possible to have custom options on ticket packages.
  • Ticket frontend has been reworked.
    Now a wizard layout can be used with improved UX on packages with a lot of tickets and/or addons and/or custom options.
  • Smart Product Lists with price conditions now show the right products.
  • Stock status from Click and Collect is now correctly not triggered for out-of-stock items. Previously “loading stock” would be displayed and never go away.