[NPR5.32] NP Retail

May 29, 2017

New Module

  • New Label/Print Module

New Feature

  • Possible to use JSON print from Mobile Devices
  • Transcendence: Possible to apply a payment to an Invoice
  • Transcendence: EAN setup
  • Possible to create all combinations in Variety Matrix (and a line as well)
  • Event Management – setup to control if you want to “move” to the new created event or not

Minor Change

  • Blocked items won’t be shown in item lookup on the POS
  • Possible to use Sales Orders in transcendence
  • Transcendence: Serial Number functionality
  • Transcendence: Receive Retail Order support
  • MM: Save&Get Sales does not work with membership
  • Extending Client Attributes from 20 to 40 characters
  • Added Vat posting group fields in Audit roll
  • Minor Enhancements for Event Management module for Web usage / mail sending
  • Item Status added to Retail Item Card
  • Event management 2.0 corrections
  • Possible to create button on POS with predefined discount percentage
  • Possible to create items with item worksheet from Purchase order
  • Attention field filled with customer attention
  • Event Management – Possible to change starting date
  • Event Management – Response from Meeting Request
  • Event Management – changed behavior of double resource booking – is now a setup field
  • Sending SMS when repair changes status
  • Column Quantity changed from 3 to 2 in Retail Rolecenters in preparation for NAV2017
  • Event Management – External no on invoice
  • Possible to post inventory status on variants that are blocked
  • Added Global Dimension 1+2 to retail item card
  • Event Management – Role center changes
  • Fields aligned between tables to create a more “clean” solution

Error Correction

  • When having activated “Register Time”, a change company resulted in an error
  • Possible to adjust quantity “Down” on a group ticket
  • Return of items with serial no caused an error on the POS
  • Report Items by variant by location can be executed with datefilter
  • MM: Seasoncards wasn’t printed when it was a debit sale
  • Event Management Freezes after task
  • Event Management – Copy job and word layout didn’t work
  • Item Worksheet problem with * when mapping fields