[NPR5.31] NP Retail

May 19, 2017

New Feature

  • US tax possible to use
  • Possible to receive payments on mobile devices
  • New Discount Type on Mixed Discount: Discount Amount
  • Combination Mixed Discount added
  • New Discount Type on Mixed Discount: Priority Discount
  • Customer Disc Group can now be set on Registers and used as Condition on Retail Discounts
  • Customer Disc. Group can now be used as Condition on Retail Campaigns
  • New advanced sales statistics page to give a better view of sales
  • Possible to use “Phone number lookup” on members
  • Lots of changes to Event Management module
  • Possible to use scanner for items on a transfer order
  • New Member Visiting report
  • Possible to have unlimited Variety Columns
  • Possible to export statistics to Excel

Minor Change

  • Trancendence Functionality
  • Poseidon
  • Pepper solution made generic so other payment types can use the framework
  • Possible to add geo position to a register
  • Lots of worng or missing ENU captions added / changed
  • Popup added when paying in foreign currency
  • Unit of measure possible to add to POS line when using scanner
  • Also possible to track item ledger entries from audit roll when its from Credit Memo
  • My Reports added to role centers
  • Test Framework of Retail solution implemented
  • Explode BOM Auto Items will no longer have Item Entries on the Parent Item from POS Sale
  • Lookup of items on purchase order can be filtered on vendor no by default

Error Correction

  • Some option captions fixed in Pepper
  • Resolved a problem with endpoints modifying items (another user has modified…)
  • Blocking of variants is now generating an error on the POS
  • Assembly resolver fixed on NAS
  • Fixed a problem that occurred in some situations when using a credit voucher issued from a cash sale
  • Price Incl VAT was mistakenly added twice to retail setup. Discontinued 1 of them
  • Added Credit Voucher number to Audit Roll
  • Corrected “No of transactions” count for statistical reports
  • Issue with balance register on iPad
  • Deletion of POS Header will now always trigger a deletion of POS Lines
  • Sale done on a POS is always in LCY
  • POS – Balancing report A4 Fixed
  • Sales Statistics Report was showing incorrect Qty