[NPR5.30] NP Retail

April 3, 2017

New Module

  • Trancendence Release
  • Recommendations. Recommend items based on sales history based on MS Cognitive Services

New Feature

  • Premier Tax Free upgraded
  • Label Printing refactored to fit the need for “Extensions” requirement
  • Customer Repair Module extended with “Jewelry” features
  • SMS from sales order
  • Vendor Item No. is automatically added as Item Cross Reference
  • Possible to create a workflow that send an email to chosen recipient(S) for potential failing Quickpay payments
  • Possible to copy lines from one discount to another
  • Possible to attach a Config Templates to a Item Group
  • Possible to use events in NaviDocs, to allow 0 footprint customizations
  • Possible to map RDP Printers without entering the “(Redirected from xx)”

Minor Change

  • Sales Statistics Report updated
  • Navidocs changed to use Activity log
  • Smaller Adjustments to “Used Item” module
  • Smaller corrections to get ready for “Extensions”
  • Getting Variety ready for “Extensions”
  • Incomming Documents Queue added to Retail Rolecenter
  • Moved item functions to get ready for “Extensions”
  • Changed caption for register (the cash register) since it is ambiguous
  • Fixed caption error on Retail Journal Header
  • New Event Management features
  • Changed caption handling in meta triggers to avoid a translation overflow error
  • Indroduced seperate Retail Item Journal to get ready for “Extensions”
  • Renamed Field “Query Sales By Shop” to “Margin and Turnover By Shop”
  • “Label” has been renamed to “Price Label” on page actions.
  • Possible to set Contact as mandatory information on a course sale
  • Word layout reports for Event module
  • Report Sales Statistics / Analyse updated (Report 6014457)

Performance Optimization

  • Discontinue old fields not used any more
  • Item Group Parent Dimension Copy and posting field update of Sub Item Groups
  • Item Group Dimensions can now be inherited by Sub Item Groups
  • Discontinue old fields not used any more
  • Unused Photo Module removed
  • Discontinue old tables not used any more
  • Discontinued unused fields on Item Group
  • Discontinued fields on Return Reason Code
  • Discontinued fields on Item Ledger Entry, and updated captions on the remaining part
  • Discontinued some fields on GL Entry
  • Discontinued functions in Std form code, that is not used any more

Error Correction

  • Smaller fixes for Event Module
  • Problem with missing text in Item Group fixed
  • English Captions updated to avoid confution
  • Vat Product Posting group wasnt validated correct to new items from the item group
  • Lookup of variant descriptions fixed in Stock take module
  • Comma separator in web client was not using the correct regional language settings
  • Variety: not possible to change the shown field in the maintenance Matrix
  • Fix for explode BOM’s if ihe item is not numeric
  • Field “VAT Bus. Posting Gr. (Price)” added to Retail Item Card