[NPR 4.20] NP Retail

March 9, 2016

Error Correction

  • Export of data from standard objects resulted in an error about a deprecated table

New Feature

  • Possible to print from web client
  • Item Group recoded – possible to group data that is not in alfabetical order + possible to run in web client
  • Possible to configure button for “Automatic application of Payment”
  • Lookup of inventory per location
  • Event Touch Screen Meta Trigger added
  • Deploying dependencies from Ground Control – automatic download of new add ins
  • Web Client POS Lookup Templates

Minor Change

  • Caption correction
  • Export of data only possible to add if the user has Read permission
  • Fix for translation issue to Dutch – change caption to hard-coded text, hence it shouldn’t be translated
  • Possible to configure different layouts per salesperson, (eg only managers should be capable of giving discount)
  • Caption fix
  • Fix for language translations too long in gift voucher