[NPR 4.21] NP Retail

March 22, 2016

New Feature

  • Swedish feature: Integration to CleanCash
  • Printing of logo by receipt printer can be controlled by Nav instead of upload into printer
  • Integration to Premier Tax free
  • NP Attributes factbox added on item card
  • Possible to set some lines on the POS to “No VAT”
  • Auto Print of labels when posting purchase order
  • Inter Company inventory Lookup
  • New Meta Trigger – possible to apply customer payments to invoices
  • New Meta Trigger – possible to use return reason code

Minor Change

  • Report Sale Time Report updated
  • Report Issued voucher receipts updated
  • Report Customer analysis updated
  • Report Item Group updated
  • 3 new role centers created – Sales person, Manager and owner
  • Report Item sales posting updated
  • Pacsoft – missing page added
  • Danish caption change on Gift voucher popup
  • Possible to apply filters when fetching a saved sales from the pos (only view own sales person code or/and own register no)
  • Report Item Sales person updated
  • Added confirmation box if you are trying to delete a register with transaction
  • Report Sales statistics Vendor updated

Performance Optimization

  • Sales Statistics updated
  • Removed obsolete code

Error Correction

  • Fixed: Not possible to show Discount % on the receipt
  • Fixed: Dimensions from POS to Sales order not updated correct
  • Fixed a problem with duplicate out-of-scope counted items
  • Applying dimensions to override default dimensions did not work properly
  • Removed .NET from label print, hence it was not working in Major Tom
  • Fixed: Customer credit max message makes the client crash
  • Fixed: Sorting of item groups + possible to run in Webclient
  • Usage of letters in the GL account number made the client Crash. Check inserted to test for letters (not allowed any more)
  • Fixed: Gift voucher not working when language was NLB