[NPR 4.16] NP Retail

November 12, 2015

New Module

  • New Status Module

New Feature

  • New Ticket print with alternative Layout
  • Simplified reorder of items with variants. (May require an update of customer license)
  • Export G/L Entries to file
  • Printing to Epson TM-I – used for JavaScript Version (JS is coming Soon)
  • Support for direct access to POS from Rolecenter in WebClient

Minor Change

  • Scanning of Barcode on purchase order line in field “Cross-Reference No.”
  • A5 Gift Voucher, Receipt and Credit Voucher released
  • Report Layout caption changes
  • More report Layout caption changes
  • Possible to setup the most common used tables in Navisions “Change Log”, for better tracking of table changes
  • Added error, if printer setup is not valid – to help user correcting the printer setup
  • Illegal character removed in code, so powershell doesnt stop
  • Smaller changes in code to prepare the Retail solution for move to NAV version 2016
  • Not possible to use Blank values in selected Variety fields – changed to avoid conflicts if a value was blanked by accident
  • Item Brand added to Item Card
  • Label changed to support longer Vendor item no’s
  • Caption changes
  • Label printing can now be rounded to 1 decimal
  • Field “Your Reference” added to sales documents page
  • Enhancements to Label Printing
  • Caption Fix on Retail Setup
  • Caption Change – TDC Tunnel Changed to “Tunnel URL Address”
  • MobilePay til 2015 – Pre preparation for release (not feature complete yet)
  • Item Blocking in Item Journal changed
  • Changed caption on receipt “Rounding” for payment amount that is rounded

Performance Optimization

  • Removed old Variant solution
  • Reworked PDF2NAV addon. Several smaller improvements
  • Deleted Old NAS module and DBI Module
  • Unused fields deleted in Register table
  • I-Comm reworked – deleted unused functionality

Error Correction

  • Calculation of Quantity in sales statistics fixed
  • Calculation of discounts changed when sale consists of items and gift cards – no discount on gift card sale
  • Add report to mail is now working in PDF2NAV
  • Possible to assign more than 100% discount
  • ü på zebra prislabel fix
  • When register “Login Time” on users, a change of company resulted in an error
  • Trigger parameter is overwritten in Touch Screen button setup
  • PDF2NAV æøå support was missing in Reminder Emails subject field.
  • Credit Card – SetPartOfAmount was not working correct in some situations
  • Print copy of credit voucher was in some situations printing a random credit voucher

[NPR 4.15] NP Retail

October 21, 2015

New Feature

  • A5 Gift Voucher available
  • Raw printing using the client proxy framework
  • New Report to show the inventory grouped by item group
  • Inventory available in Factbox on Item List
  • Contactless Payment – Only available on supported Credit Card Terminals
  • Epson Webservice Printer Supported
  • Gift Card Label
  • Possible to create your own fonts for buttons (first available when JavaScript POS is released)
  • JavaScript POS Payment Screen updated with improved Captions
  • Possible to see the NP Attributes as a Factbox (right side of the screen) on Sales order, Purchase order, Item List and a few more places

Minor change

  • Receipt can now print Qty (Sold)
  • Label Print improved
  • Unit Cost added to Touch Screen Item Card
  • Small translation changes
  • Logo Changed on Tax free report
  • possible to see the license permissions from Retail Setup
  • Date and time is now shown on saved sales
  • Possible to have Barcodes with various character Length on Blaster Print
  • Small caption fixes
  • Vendor Item No added to Page Purchase Invoice Lines
    Performance Optimization
  • Delete unused code

Error Correction

  • Display for Bixolon is now supported again
  • In the POS, it sometimes mark an incorrect line after a comment has been added
  • if a sale on an item group with unit cost 0 has been made, it loads the sale as a 0 sale after it has been saved
  • Possible to use report selection on an individual store, as well as a default
  • Foreign gift cards not showed correct in register Report
  • Receipt with * caused the Printer to stall
  • Problems with ) and ( in filter functionality on Vendor Item No. (Parentheses are still reserved characters, and is not recommended to use in NAV)
  • The caption shows General Ledger – but it should be Item Ledger
  • Fixed: Percentages not shown correctly in JavaScript POS
  • Fixed: Balancing in JavaScript POS ended in deadlock