[NPR5.49] NP Retail

April 2, 2019

New Module

  • New module to access B2B accounts (contacts / customers)
  • New module to access B2B accounts (contacts / customers)

New Feature

  • Retail Voucher with Magento Integration
  • Event Mgt POS Integration
  • Introduced POS Theme feature that allows users to provide custom styling for POS
  • When copying a receipt for return, the original qty can not be exceed. This is also handled when there are multiple returns
  • Obfuscating of sales ticket numbers on reverse sales
  • Retail Voucher Partner introduced, which is used with Cross Company Retail Vouchers
  • Boarding Pass added as Ean Box Event
  • Event Mgt now allows insertion of extended texts to event lines
  • B2B Item Availability web service
  • Service to report customer purchase by item and period
  • Retail journal can receive scans for Exchange Labels as well
  • Added field 6014420 in Table 39, Pages 54 55
  • Multiple enhancements to End of Day
  • Bin Transfer To Bank

Minor Change

  • Phone Lookup to also listen to field Phone no. in Customer Table
  • Some fields from Register table moved to new POS View Profile table
  • Replace the Lookup Page “Fields” From page 7702  to page 6014547 to avoid permission error
  • User Logon and Client Diagnostics now uses Azure Api Mgt. Endpoint
  • Eclub Sms sending requests are now channeled through Azure Api Mgt.
  • Replaced the blank caption of options with undefined
  • Corrected the reports as per OMA
  • VAT fields are now not editable
  • POS Action Issue Return Voucher now has parameter ScanReferenceNos
  • Corrected the reports as per OMA
  • Removed field from lookup page 6014527 “Touch Screen – G/L Accounts”
  • POS Sales Workflow for After Login has been added
  • Inventory, Net Change, Purchases (Qty.), Sales (Qty.) created on Item Journal Lines
  • Retail Vouchers action added to Sales Order Card
  • Bill-to Name visible on the Event List
  • Improvements & bug fixes for Adyen terminal integration
  • Original Discount % will be used on Exchange Labels printed after this release
  • Quantity can be zeroed out as per new setup
  • Put away quantity improvement on scanner
  • Variant Code displayed on scanner
  • Event Mgt: List of sales documents now available on event header
  • Event Mgt: Start and End Time can now be set even if Type is not Resource
  • Add functionality to Import Scanner data from Sales invoice
  • Changed data type to decimal on EOD count on item sold in credit sales
  • Non Inventory Items are skipped in Pos Sales Workflow step, Payment View Test Inventory
  • Adyen adjustments: Better logging, signature width & new page
  • Lengths of hashed password fields increased to 80
  • Added Report 6014535 on Menusuite NPR-Retail
  • Added metrics on the stock-take page
  • Added Report Filters + Column Sales (Unit Price) to report 6014439
  • Added Bin info to UI view
  • Page “CleanCash Register List” – Added missing caption (label)

Performance Optimization

  • Reworked function Return Sales on Retail Journal. It now uses code-unit instead of a report
  • 5 second silent timeout added to NAV User Logon

Error Correction

  • Corrected issue with Retail Inventory Set in Multitenant environment
  • Add missing caption
  • Sales shipment would print even if setup is done on PDF2NAV setup
  • Gift Voucher No. is again added to Description when redeemed via POS
  • Re-released hotfix for purchase order label printing
  • Error when printing receipt due to subscriber bug
  • Fixed issue where long Ean Box Event Description could blot for Ean Box Setup
  • POS Line Description should not be taken from Item Cross Reference
  • Retail document deposit tax calculation & quantity (base) fix
  • Fixed Adyen TryFunction error