[NPR5.47] NP Retail

November 5, 2018

New Feature

  • POS Quote is a new way to quickly save and load POS Sales
  • Digital Counting Of Stock
  • RFID support in the IOS app
  • Possible to setup Variety Matrix with subscribers
  • Action Code SPLIT_WAITER_PAD to use HTML layout

Minor Change

  • Updated Codeunit Id for Ean Box Event ITEMQTY but no functional change
  • Added extra parameter for POS Action SAMPLING_SEND
  • Added new parameter for POS Action SAMPLING_GET
  • Changed message for used/blocked Gift/Credit Vouchers
  • Print Shelf label webclient
  • New Report – Stock Received not Invoiced
  • Added field Unit List Price to Retail Journal
  • Added POS Stores to NP Retail Setup
  • POS Entry List added to default role center
  • Removed Test on Cashed when deleting Retail Document
  • Discount % on Extra Item Discount Coupon now uses Unit Price on POS Sales Line instead of Item
  • Priority added to Ean Box Setup Events

Performance Optimization

  • Removed unused fields  in I-comm table
  • Removed unused fields  in Payment Types table
  • Possible to enable Add-ins deployment by NAS
  • Ean Box should be cleared immediately after scan to consider rapid consecutive inputs

Error Correction

  • TAX Rounding issue fixed for US Tax
  • “POS Workshift Checkpoint”  Accuracy Issues
  • Added permission for modifying Vendor Ledger Entries to Purch. Doc. Reimbursement
  • Cash Register Img not reloaded at register switch
  • Change of variety to private table could cause an overflow
  • Max Use per Sale on Discount Coupons considered all Cash Registers
  • Fixed issue that blocked validation of Object No. on Task Queue Lines