[NPR5.46] NP Retail

October 12, 2018

New Feature

  • Stargate Payment Integration
  • POS Action Item Qty. Inserts Item and sets Quantity directly from Barcode
  • PDF2NAV added to the Advanced Audit Roll
  • With auto-count feature, the payments are automatically reconciled to SAFE at end-of-day
  • New Reimbursement module for Purchase Document Discount
  • Event Management – timezones
  • New POS Action RunPage_Item to run Item Pages on Current Item Sale Line POS
  • Discount Coupon Item List Validation now has Validation Quantity
  • Changed functionality of POS Entry Balancing – Opening Count
  • POS Action Item Unit Price Inserts Item and set Unit Price directly from Barcode
  • Possible to print label from stock take module

Minor Change

  • Retail Journal redesigned for easier label design
  • To add the element of UNIK VARIANT to Item Worksheet
  • Possible to add security (Password) added to several POS actions
  • Tag printing from shipped transfer orders
  • Added totals to report Sales Statistics per Variety
  • Possible to export logo from Retail Logo Setup
  • Actions changed from Identifier Dissociation to Ean Box Events in NP Retail Setup
  • Added Voucher setup pages to Retail Setup
  • Possible to set cash register filter in “Sale Time Report”
  • New layout of POS Payment Bin Checkpoint
  • Changed confirmation in Stock take module transfer from multiple “OK”, to a single “OK”
  • OnRefresh() publisher added to POS Sale to enable subscription to data refresh
  • Item Lookup now opens on same Item as selected POS Sale Line
  • Removed caption on SubGroup to Validate on Retail Voucher Card
  • POS Action PRINT_ITEM now works with negative Quantity

Performance Optimization

  • Moved reference from Objects table to All Objects with Captions table, due to Extensions
  • Deleted a few fields on Retail Setup, that ain’t used any more
  • Fixed issue where POS Action RETAIL_INVENTORY would result in Ean Box focus being lost
  • Removed old POS Event Marshaller
  • Refactored Print Receipt so it doesn’t use Event Marshaller

Error Correction

  • Printing of iSMP terminal transaction receipt throws an error
  • Changed field length of Field Meta Title to 70 characters
  • Blank “Recurrence Calculation Interval” on Task Queue lines would result in infinite loop
  • POS Info on Customer Card is not updating the POS Info Audit Roll
  • Pre-set Message is not displayed in POS Info Audit Roll
  • Changed several occurrences of an incorrect field length to No series code
  • Fixed issue with POS Action Discovery blocking automatic Releases during Data Upgrade
  • Advanced audit roll error when posting of range