[NPR5.45] NP Retail

September 11, 2018

New Feature

  • Possible to turn on or off to ask for Attention and External Document No for Invoices
  • Major Tom: Multiple Filters On Audit Roll Page
  • Possible to create tickets in combination with a normal invoice
  • Possible to set primary payment type per register
  • POS Units can now carry POS Sales Workflow Set to differentiate POS behavior
  • Active Time Intervals added to Mix Discounts
  • POS Item Price Function is now extensible in NP Retail Setup and POS Unit
  • Possible to exit Major Tom Kiosk mode, by entering a password
  • Possible to import from scanner on a Purchase Quote
  • Possible to import and export Sales Quotes in the POS

Minor Change

  • Advanced item blocking
  • Smaller improvements to moving of Bins
  • Max. Qty. added to Discount Coupon Item List
  • Minor adjustments to the performance log analysis tool
  • POS Action for manual Extra (flat) Discount % is now available
  • “Prices Includes VAT” added to HQ Connector Customer Api
  • Possible to use use Table Export to generate Demo Company data
  • Changed a bad error message to a more meaningful one in the POS
  • Changed default lookup page on item Group from a list to a tree view
  • POS Action Adjust_Inventory now has parameters for Return Reason
  • New parameter to specify if its allowed to print Labels if quantity is negative
  • Added more fields to page POS Payment method list for easier navigation
  • Extended credential fields on HQ Connector Endpoint
  • Change Gift Voucher List page to be non-editable

Performance Optimization

  • Removed some fields from Mix and Campaign Discount, for better performance
  • POS Action Waiterpad has been split into five separate POS Actions with InputType parameter
  • Identifier Dissociation renamed to EAN Box setup. Recoded functionality for better performance
  • Issue resolved where POS Tax Calculation would in some cases trigger Discount Calculation 3 times per POS Sales Line
  • POS Retail Discount calculation moved from table trigger to explicit invocation
  • Cleaned code in OnValidate No. on Sale Line POS
  • Cleanup of buttons and parameters add to POS Menu delete
  • Restructured Workflow for POS Action Receivables, so that Workflow steps reflects the actual flow of the action
  • Task Worker takes a long time to find for the master thread to find

Error Correction

  • Filter in Audit roll to view a single register only
  • If the next runtime for a task in Task Queue was blank, Task Queue stopped
  • Event runtime error fix. A Modify was performed inside a Try function
  • Error when filling Delivery instructions fixed
  • Sub total wasn’t updated correctly when changing customer with different TAX setup
  • End of day for Transcendence reworked, also including bin transfer
  • Possible to Issue tickets, by using events
  • Audit Roll – Line Discount Amount should have same sign as the line discount %
  • Start- and End Time conditions on Mixed Discount did not work as expected after performance optimizations
  • Payment button doesn’t update correctly when entering Payment View
  • In some cases when a sale is “Still in progress” and the screen is locked, the entering of the sales person code (opening the POS again) results in a database error
  • mPOS: Payment Not Resetting
  • Accessory Item qty. would not update automatically if Master had variants
  • Code corrections for Nordic Item Base
  • Reverse a sale didn’t included reversing the tickets
  • Possible to setup “Collect in Store” when using Pakkelabels.dk
  • Mixed discount changed – Reworked for better performance as well