[NPR5.44] NP Retail

August 2, 2018

New Module

  • Item AddOn
  • NaviPartner Reimbursement

New Feature

  • POSTCODE Statistics – SALE_DIMENSION enhancement
  • Possible to customize what to write on the customer display
  • Possible to show dimension data in the POS’s status bar
  • Possible to run pages from extensions in POS

Minor Change

  • Addition functionality for online OIOUBL validation
  • Adjusted POS Display update during Manual Discount
  • Mailchimp integration in smart emails
  • Sales Reports sorted by Item Category
  • Coupon Print template added
  • ScandIt scanner – more features
  • New trigger in the POS sales flow, to hook into
  • Adjusted functionality behind POS Action Sale Dimension parameters
  • Added sales quantity to the item factbox
  • POS Action Quantity now has InputType increment parameter
  • Prices Includes Vat added to HQ Connector Customer Api
  • Reason Code added to Audit Roll Page
  • Import from scanner now also supports Item cross reference
  • Added “sell to” information on purchase header
  • When Gift/Credit Vouchers are found, but are not valid, a better error message are shown
  • Changed function CheckResTimeFrameAvailability to global
  • Manual Discount % is now preserved during HQ Connector Price Update
  • Second display is now updated during HQ Connector Price Update
  • Added dimensions on Payment types

Performance Optimization

  • Added option to post Audit Roll directly via Api integration in HQ Connector
  • When running Transcendence, all user setup is now returned from new POS Unit Identities
  • Client Diagnostics no longer gives error if Diagnostics fail.

Error Correction

  • Fixed update of display with correct sales tax
  • Errors on Second Display while in French
  • Multiple Unit Prices overwritten by Customer Disc
  • Exporting POS Actions with Rapidstart fails. Developed a feature to export and import POS Actions without using Rapidstart
  • Variant Description 2 wasnt created if Variant Description 1 wasn’t generated as dynamic description
  • If NaviPartner server is down, it was impossible to log on from customers POS
  • When deleting sales lines which are master variety lines, references are not updated correctly