[NPR5.42] NP Retail

June 1, 2018

New Feature

  • Possible to set specific items to not allow any discount at all (eg deposits)
  • Retail Vouchers can now be setup with Global validation (Intercompany)
  • Possible to use the new scanner module with the current Stock take module
  • New feature in the new Balancing module – Balancing report A4 size
  • Possible to skip creation of barcodes from Item Worksheet
  • Possible to request for a Password on ChangeQuantity Action
  • Possible to request for a Password on receivables Action
  • Possible to request for a Password on balancing Action
  • Possible to request for a Password on Reverse Sale Action
  • Enable matrix scan in the mpos warehouse
  • TSD: Sales (qty) in ITEM LOOKUP
  • Possible to save reports in Word layout as PDF document
  • Possible to hook into the bar code creation, and disable that they are generated
  • Period Type added to Period Discount to enable Weekly discounts
  • MM: Report to show list of members with active membership

Minor Change

  • Added more rules for advanced item blocking
  • Changed MPOS QR code, so same user can be on multible devices
  • 8 new ways to handle dates in Retail Print module
  • A few additional features to the new Barcode capture module
  • Setup of GL Account for credit cards
  • Sending SMS from NaviDocs now possible with Azure functions
  • Added link to POS info from Audit roll
  • Added Banking details to Account Statement
  • Added field recommended price to Item List
  • Added fields Magento Item and Qty. on purchase orders to Item List
  • New function “Sales Statistic”
  • Update IP Tracking in Client Diagnostics
  • Add Vendor Item No. to Report Purchase order
  • Setting up Task Queue from NaviConnect could fail, if task queue was already setup manually
  • Possible to change dimensions on a Pos Entry (when its not posted yet)
  • Added today as default filter on sales ticket Statistics report

Performance Optimization

  • Slow speed/ locking on Item card/list
  • Removed a few line of codes that was triggered twice when changing quantity on POS Lines
  • Print on Issue added to Discount Coupon Type
  • Moved PDF2NAV code to subscribers
  • Changed how Data table import checks for autoincrement
  • NpXml Transfer is disabled in Non-Production Companies through NP Retail Setup
  • Changed table import to not use client side .net
  • Analyzed some live sql traces, and optimized code in areas where the trace showed performance problems

Error Correction

  • Status Filter added to Reordering module
  • When changing unit price on POS, and sending it to a normal order, price is not correct
  • Posting date filled in when creating purchase orders from Replenishment module
  • Updated Refresh Action Code Parameters for Payment Type Buttons
  • Coupon issue with memberships
  • Not possible to do a payment without a Sale
  • Posting of advanced audit roll could give rounding errors, when using compression
  • Passwords for sales persons encrypted
  • When setup to post after register is balanced, in some situations, its wont post to G/L, but still posting item entries
  • Popup menu not working with number of columns and rows
  • Statement from Pdf2Nav should not be sent if there is no output
  • Item charges created an error when applied to Items with variants
  • Hidden supervisor password on security buttons
  • Bixolon Customer Display Not Showing Text when its idle