[NPR5.41] NP Retail

May 3, 2018

New Module

  • New capture service to automatic recognize barcode with mobile devices

New Feature

  • Possible to load Campaigns with Rapidstart
  • Printing of campaign confirmations
  • Report to print stock take worksheets
  • Membership: Integration to Turnstile
  • New Report for advanced audit roll – A4 Word format
  • Table import / export improvements. Now language independent, and blob fields included
  • Balance V3 – POS Payment Bins

Minor Change

  • Automatic posting of gift certificate
  • POS Bin Entry for POS Payment Line
  • OnSale Discount Coupon functionality to buffer current Discount Amount
  • English Captions updated in Retail Setup
  • Item No added to Discount Factbox
  • Inventory shown on Item Variant lookups in the POS
  • Added Sales Receipt Tax Descriptions to Report module
  • Ticket report changed
  • New POS Action for transcendence. Check Price
  • Changed English captions on Customer Repair
  • Hospitality: added additional Print Templates
  • Document Description on Retail Setup
  • Event Management: Event-specific text to Customer
  • Possible to get a message popup with invoice no when posting purchase order
  • Possible to add field “Description 2” to POS display
  • Retail Upgrades are logged in table
  • Possible to print more than 2 decimals on retail prints
  • Permissions are autoupdated. New role based on tables available “RETAIL_SUPER”
  • Added Variant code to POS Sales line

Performance Optimization

  • Web Client Dependencies changed from local to global table
  • Menusuite 1067 merged with 1056
  • POS Performance Improvements
  • Open Audit Roll was extremely slow. “virtual” key changed to “materialized” key (MaintainSQLIndex=True)
  • Deleted unused fields on Transfer line

Error Correction

  • Advanced audit roll rounding error with US tax
  • Popup dialog blocking for TAX FREE issues and/or Customer with tax Exempt
  • When adding records to Datalog with Dynamic request page, filters was not applied correct
  • When giving 100% in discount on a single item, an error occurred
  • Retail Journal line location filter wasn’t applied to Inventory calculation
  • Fix issue when creating electronic giftvoucher
  • Hospitality: Error when setting filter on tables
  • Workflow pause – resume error
  • Fix for sales tax
  • Fix for Mobile Pay
  • Only 1 POS Info per sale was possible
  • Errors on Second Display while in French
  • Trancendence : Subtotal not updated when exchange label is scanned
  • Item Group was mandatory – not all customers are using it
  • Print with special characters failed in Taxfree module
  • It wasn’t possible to disable a Cash Drawer after last release
  • Reprint of receipts doesn’t work when its a Debit sale
  • Discount Coupon would stack Discount after performance optimization from NPR5.40