[NPR5.40] NP Retail

April 16, 2018

New Module

  • External Gift Voucher
  • Retail Price Log
  • Retail Inventory Set: View Intercompany inventory

New Feature

  • Print of Debit Receipt From Advanced audit roll
  • Unfold Accessories with Unfold Worksheet
  • EFT Stargate integration
  • Support for CashKeeper in Transcendence
  • Integration to Global Blue
  • Event M: Meeting requests have a reminder enabled
  • POS Payment Bin opening methods
  • Event M: Double booking resources
  • Transcendense support of PDF2NAV Email
  • Possible to insert new line after the selected line in Transcendense
  • Printing of Sales ticket from Advanced Audit roll
  • Navidocs support for Advanced audit roll
  • Total Amount per Min. Qty. can now be defined Excl. VAT on Mixed Discount
  • POS Action Switch_Register extended with DialogType: List
  • NaviDocs: Option to change sending profile and Recipient
  • Possible to have a lookup to open Customer ledger entries when using Receivable in the POS
  • New Parameter on POS Action Quantity: PromptUnitPriceOnNegativeInput
  • Possible to enhance security on Payment button if there are no sales lines
  • Transcendence: Added possibility to translate POS actions, and a description of the action, to document the functionality

Minor Change

  • Retail Print module: lots of smaller changes to increase usability
  • Gift voucher receipt
  • Cleaned up and restructured Retail Setup Actions
  • To display Contact/Customer name in The POS info box
  • New Report with FIK code
  • Sending SMS from advanced audit roll
  • Name added to lookup from TDC
  • Comments added to Discount Coupon Types
  • Transcendence POS Menu Convert now supports Item Cross Reference
  • Transcendence: New Action. Identifier Dissociation Dispenser
  • New shelf label report
  • Added functionality to send text messages from NAV in cU 6151576
  • Event M: Comments
  • Removed unused field on Credit Card Transaction
  • Report to show Advanced audit roll transaction summary
  • Removed 2 Incorrect danish captions from Retail Document Header
  • Refactor Customer Repair Card (6014503)
  • A few missing English captions added
  • Added filter to lookup of campaigns from item card. Now it only shows Active campaigns
  • Unused automation variables deleted from Scanner Webservice
  • Action Container ActionItems added to Web Manager Activities to be V2 Extension compliant
  • Specific value removed from XmlVersionNo in XmlPorts in order to be V2 extension compliant
  • Renamed several variables in code that makes Extentions V2 fails (Reserved words)
  • Fiscal No. Series on end of sale
  • Transcendence: Showing inventory on Item Variants in lookup
  • Replaced special character in url with html code in login procedure

Performance Optimization

  • POS Performance Improvements
  • Transcendence: Reworked how POS was loading. Giving a performance boost on especially Azure servers, but also noticeable for other servers
  • Deleted discontinued Flexiterm creditcard solution
  • More POS performance optimizations
  • Hardcoded date formats changed to localization independent format
  • Smaller Performance optimizations / code cleanup
  • Client Diagnostics now has Asynchronous Data Collection and -Integration

Error Correction

  • Postal code doesnt work on the POS
  • Transcendence: When changing register, Buttons linked to specific register are not loaded
  • Change quantity on accessory lines if main quantity is changed
  • Prepaid amount wasn’t correctly shown when importing sales order in POS
  • Changes to item description is not transferred to debitsale
  • Event M: Error could occur when there is no exchange template and an appointment and meeting request is send
  • Possible to rename a customer, even if there are audit roll lines on them
  • Stock counting: problem with items where description is too long
  • Problems with scanning Item Cross reference in NAV2018 POS
  • In multitenant environments, download of Control add-ins from Ground Control could fail
  • Datalog filter generated an error
  • Transcendence: When logging into the POS, deletion of old sales tickets was without filter
  • ItemWorksheet Import Fails


  • SMS Issues with Customer Repair List