[NPR5.39] NP Retail

March 6, 2018

New Module

  • POS Sales Workflow (Finish Sale)

New Feature

  • HQ Connector for Adv Posting: New Audit Roll
  • Nordic Database for Jewellery shops
  • POS buttons will update with new parameters automatically if possible
  • PDF2NAV added to Transcendense POS
  • Retail Campaigns header to control campaigns better
  • Inventory Adjustment POS Action
  • Trascendence POS Action Quick Login
  • Print of different receipt types added to advance audit roll
  • Factbox added to advanced audit roll
  • Transcendense. Dimension statistics possible (eg. post code statistics)
  • Transcendense. Possible to show audit roll from POS, with different filters (eg store no)
  • Printing out Shelf labels before campaign starts
  • Logging of how many times a receipt has been printed
  • Sales Receipt for advanced audit roll
  • Advanced audit roll. Consecutive sales ticket numbers
  • Security on DISCOUNT POS Action

Minor Change

  • 2nd version of WYSIWYG editor for the POS
  • Event: Confusion when many e-mails are used
  • Print option for campaigns and mix discount prices
  • Report to list if an Invoice has been sent to the customer
  • Size of Receipt Filter changed to 20, to align with the rest of NP Retail solution
  • Possible to resend SMS from POS Entry
  • Added fields to Item Worksheet web service
  • Enabled flag added to Discount Coupon Types

Performance Optimization

  • Moving fields that was wrongly placed as customization to Core area
  • Changing code to meet requirements for extensions
  • Option to hide Payment Amount Dialog when ending POS Transcendence Sale
  • Aligned code for better modularization of solution
  • Automatic load of Assemblies restructured to use background thread
  • Cleaup of unused variables in 15 reports

Error Correction

  • Moving POS Actions could result in an error


  • Creating .pdf sales order from POS
  • Changed default setup of Transcendense to use CUST_DEBITSALE action
  • Smaller Sales Tax adjustments to W1 version
  • Possible to configure the currency code on the POS button when paying in FCY
  • Barcode not correctly used when importing items to Retail Journal
  • Item Worksheet. Matching on items and variants changed
  • Bug in posting/calculation of Sales tax
  • US Tax fix
  • Size of ticket number in table 114 extended to 20
  • Corrections to Lock Register – new sale initialized correctly + showing login screen correctly
  • Text on receipt changes to “Miscellaneous payments”
  • Error when a Payment type is linked with a register
  • Option Captions in HC Objects do not match
  • Gift voucher discount sales tax discrepancy
  • Changed a caption to hardcode, to avoid an error in non ENU languages