[NPR5.35] NP Retail

September 7, 2017

New Module

  • Core restaurant functionality

New Feature

  • Possible to create links to subtables on NP Attributes
  • Added cashback support for EFT
  • NpDc Coupon Validation – Time
  • EM – Several smaller features requested by customer

Minor Change

  • Possible to change customer no on an Event
  • NPEM: Multiple calendar/mail templates
  • Event M: no reminder in outlook
  • NP Attributes grouped on Retail Item Card
  • Pepper: Cutting paper between customer and merchant ticket
  • Added a few new fields to Customer list – hidden by default
  • EM – Get Attendee Response

Performance Optimization

  • Wrapping for .NET components
  • Changed legacy code to English, for better partner support
  • Deleted and old Navipartner version of Intercompany (is now part of standard NAV)

Error Correction

  • Possible to Park a sale and reload it more than 1 time
  • Button “Create new Customer” missing in Transcendence
  • Register Filter incorrect in Sales Ticket statistic report
  • Close of Pepper Terminal error correction
  • Fixed Epson mPOS XML
  • Calculation of Average sales amount changed to use the correct fields for calculation
  • When a customer payment was done from the pos, the payment line didnt have a description