[NPR5.27] NP Retail

October 28, 2016

New Feature

  • 252537 Possible to send invoices between Navision Companies using standard Document functionality
  • 254486 Possible to move barcodes from Alt no to Item Cross ref and vise versa
  • 254659 Possible to send Email from the repair module
  • 255131 Automatic Pepper EOD when performing an “Balancing Ticket”
  • 255580 Possible to send SMS from Repair module
  • 256388 Changed how refund dialog is presented to teller – from simple to not simple

Minor Change

  • 226605 Support for print of plastic cards on Zebra zxp
  • 246136 Possible to use Exchange labels across Companies
  • 250687 When Copying document, the description is calculated the same way as if entering lines manually
  • 252131-01 Addition to sending data packages with Ground Control
  • 252134 New reports to Reconcile GL with POS sale
  • 253261 Possible to use serial no tracking on sale
  • 253347 Item Tracking requirement removed for Serial No. in Pos
  • 253453 Possible to use lookup when selecting logo
  • 253589 Possible to use lookup to register from table user setup
  • 254066 Smaller changes to Reservations (Bestilling)
  • 254679 Possible to select which fields to use in Repair module
  • 254925 When selecting popuptype Automatic, the numpad for login is not shown – Login can be done with the build in numpad
  • 255004 Updated report “Repair Done”
  • 255020 Updated report “Customer Note” in repairs
  • 255864 Possible to show Contact name on POS
  • 255929 Updated report “Period discount Statistics”
  • 256163 Updated report “Repair Offer”
  • 256178 possible to print labels from Transfer order
  • 256211 Updated report “Repair Guarantee”
  • 256226 Updated Report “Delivery note”

Performance Optimization

  • 248228 Automated Deployment of Pepper
  • 248264-01 Removed Deprecated fields on Payment Types
  • 248276 Removed Deprecated fields on Scanner Setup
  • 248281 Removed Deprecated fields on Retail Document
  • 248282 Removed Deprecated fields on Period Discount
  • 248290 Removed Deprecated fields on Quantity Discount
  • 248292 Removed Deprecated fields on Phone Lookup
  • 248981 Removed Deprecated fields on I-Comm
  • 252676 Removed old Stock Take Module – new one already implemented last year
  • 253316 Printing of tickets – optimised drawer opening
  • 253683 Removed a field in Payment types: Amount in audit roll. It killed the SQl server
  • 253885 Item Group TreeView sorting did in some cases not sort properly when 0 was used in No.
  • 254376 Restructured part of the code in the posting of sale, to gain more performance
  • 255575 Removed unused code in several places

Error Correction

  • 250790 Correction to how data were added to Datalog – caused an error on long table names
  • 251264 Phone No lookup and templates now works in same flow again
  • 252191 Fixed: Using accessories with unit of measure’s having multible quantity
  • 253578 After last release new items didnt inherit from Item Group
  • 253672 Fixed an issue with item replication between companies
  • 254204 Precatch error when printing to PDF, to avoid crash of PDF program
  • 254280 if Navidocs setup was not present, sending of Invoices failed
  • 254299 Reprinting of giftcard function activated
  • 255541 if there was more than 1 quantity discount offer on 1 item, an error could occur
  • 256257 Pepper generated an error with NFC cards
  • 256318 Possible to return on credit card for Pepper Integration
  • 256356 Sales Price calculation could find a wrong price if multible prices exists on an item