[NPR5.25] NP Retail

August 9, 2016

Minor change

  • Report Updated: Salesperson statistics
  • Report Updated: Item Sales Statistics
  • Report UpdateD: Sales Statistics Variant
  • Updated Phone Lookup (Danish TDC) to be capable of supporting other “Address from Phone no.” providors
  • Support for print of address labels
  • Logging of Licens users (ISV, Limited etc)
  • Endpoint implemented in Retail solution to support “batching” of information from external systems
  • DK: Swipp aligned for Major Tom
  • Language Captions seperated into individual Language database
  • Report Updated: Inventory per variant at date
  • DK: EAN No added to Customer lookup on POS
  • Item / Customer Statistics – Discount amount can now be shown excl VAT
  • Minor changes in the repair module
  • Possible to see Item Ledger Entries from the Customer Card
  • Implemented some more checks to avoid possibility of setting illegal combinations in the setup of Stock take
  • DK: Mobilepay – possible to show the transactions from audit roll
  • EOD layout changed to fit the screen better
  • Item worksheet extended with approximately 100 new fields, to support future demands from customers
  • Layout changed for receipts statistics to fit the screen better
  • support of Printer Z430t
  • Report updated: Vendor/Item Group
  • Report updated: Item Group Top
  • Report updated: Item Sales postings
  • Report updated: Campaign Sales Statistics
  • Report updated: Items with low sales
  • Report updated: Item Loss – Return Reason
  • Phone lookup support on Vendors updated to support new structure
  • Report updated to RTC: Repair Delivery Note

New Feature

  • More Atos features – Information
  • possible to register customer nationalities on POS
  • Navidocs updated to RTC
  • Possible to import to Item Worksheet via Web service
  • DK: Contactless creditcard integrated
  • Pepper integration version 2.0 – easier setup
  • Automation of Receiving OIOUBL and PEPPOL invoices
  • Possible to import Sales Invoices in NPXML via Webservice
  • Possible to have a creditcard transaction “Directly On Amount” without dialog before the transaction

Error Correction

  • Fix: Clear Filter button in Audit Roll not working
  • Fix for print of special characters like æøå etc
  • Fix: Some pictures was not printed correct – depending on the Pixel height
  • Fix: If a sales contained multible payments, and a line was deleted, amounts wasnt updated correct


  • Remove of old Ticket solution