[NPR 5.22] NP Retail

April 26, 2016

New Feature

  • Item Worksheet – creation/update of multiple items
  • Pepper integration – Belgian Credit Card Terminal
  • New role center for sales person
  • Major Tom – Lookup Item – New Fields Description + Item price incl VAT
  • Consignor integration til 2016
  • Data Cleanup – Batch delete and batch renumber GL Account, Customer, Vendor and Items
  • Restructure Touch Screen button setup added

Minor Change

  • a4 internet print
  • “Kitchen Print” added
  • RSS Feed notification in sales person role center
  • Change replication of items to use Item Worksheet
  • Check that shopid +no series + prefix is only 12 characters
  • Possible to add Nationalities in POS
  • Table caption changed
  • Return Reason Code can be used in the audit roll
  • Printing shelf labels from Major Tom
  • Description 2 added to sales order page
  • Rescaling Screen size for exchangelabel
  • Sorting of lookup templates
  • Possible to use register type when setting up buttons for POS
  • Promoted action “Register Report” & “Tax Free”

Error Correction

  • Time on Major Tom is WRONG
  • SQL sorting changed – resulted in incorrect error warning
  • Missing ENU caption added
  • Data type conversion from SQLVariant to “Standard” resulted in wrong dates in EOD Procedure
  • Attributes clean up in Item Worksheet
  • Difference in Excel Export between 2015 and 2016 resulted in compilation error
  • VAT calculation when posting Audit Roll could not handle multiple VAT %
  • Replication of items between companies with variants in only 1 fixed
  • Item worksheet fix for update. Could cause blank values


  • POS can get “Stuck” sometimes
  • Major Tom Preemptive filter – loading of records optimization
  • Events implemented in order to clean standard code
  • Posting time of sale ticket in POS improved