[NPE #21] NP Ecommerce

October 6, 2021

basic-porto 9.1.0 / pro-porto 12.1.0 / pro-virgo 12.1.0

  • External ID is now automatically generated, if missing, on entities managed via the admin (Brands/Categories).
  • It is now possible to import and export Brands and Categories using CSV files.
  • Exporting the catalog products from the admin no longer fails to complete.
  • CSP (Content Security Policy) Whitelisting can now be done via the admin.
  • Translations can now be done via the admin.
  • Product Compare and Review features can now be turned off via the admin.

pro-porto 12.1.0 / pro-virgo 12.1.0

  • It is now possible to define sequence for the ID of sales document from the admin.
  • Frontend optimization: Critical CSS per type of page and ability to Defer JS is now possible from the admin.
    These aim at improving FCP (First Contentful Paint) and LCP (Largest Contentful Paint).
  • Rules used for Smart Product Lists can now be used as filter on any layered navigation (category, search, etc.).
    This effectively gives the possibility to create dynamic filters based on rules.
    For example, even though there could be a Smart Product List “Offers” with all discounted items, you could show the filter “Offers” on any layered navigation, giving the user the possibility to look at such discounted items wherever they are currently browsing products.
  • Multiple Click and Collect fixes with regards to UX and backordering logic used for store selection on checkout.

pro-virgo 12.1.0

  • Reworked default filter UX in layered navigation.
    Filters are now by default ajaxified.